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About Person-Centred Therapy

The Person-centred approach is based on the American Carl Rogers theory and philosophy of the 1950’s. This type of therapy is also referred to as client-centred. It is a humanistic non-directive approach that facilitates an individual’s own potential for healing, growth and change.


The Person-centred therapist will help the individual by listening to them, offering empathy, genuineness (congruence), and unconditional positive regard. This will help the individual move towards becoming an expert on themselves so they are able to access their own personal identity, and self-actualise an already existing potential.


Roger’s believed that the relationship was at the heart of the therapy, that by the therapist having a supportive and non-directive attitude, being in the client’s frame of reference, it would help bring about an individuals’ movement towards a more constructive personality change.


Although person-centred therapy is not expert led there will be times when the therapist will look at the work with the client more closely, and explore further anything the therapist feels the client is avoiding.